female casa with picture of her casa child
“Our CASA volunteer was our voice. My siblings and I lived in limbo for five long years as my aunt and uncle fought to gain permanent custody of us. After at least two reunification plans failed, my mother’s rights were severed and my aunt and uncle adopted us. I consider us lucky, as we were not shifted from foster home to foster home.

However, we lived in a constant state of fear, thinking that at any moment we could be
released back into the hands of the person we desperately needed to escape. The only person we could turn to for answers was our CASA volunteer. She tried to comfort us and guide us through the process. She was a constant in our lives and our voice in the courtroom.

I believe, my focus and my world view-that it is not the falling that matters, but the rising every time we fall-is in large part due to the attention that my siblings and I received from our CASA volunteer. I thank her for showing me that my biological mother may have taken away my childhood, but I was in control of what I would do with the rest of my life”.