Sarpy County CASA

Since 1986, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) have been advocating for children in the foster care system. Today, volunteers are still dedicated to get to know and speak up for children in the system.

Each year in the U.S., more than 3 million children enter the foster care system through no fault of their own due to abuse and/or neglect. In Sarpy County alone, more than 400 children are entangled in the foster care system. Many of these children become trapped in a revolving door of foster parents, caseworkers, attorneys, and judges. A CASA can make a huge difference for these children.

A CASA is a trained volunteer appointed by the Juvenile Court of Sarpy County to ensure that the needs and best interests of the CASA’s assigned child or sibling group are met.

Toddler on Steps

A CASA evaluates a child’s situation by developing a relationship with the child, offering support, a listening ear, and consistency to a child entangled in a system that tends to offer a child anything but consistency.  We also speak to important individuals in the child’s life, including foster parents, biological parents, therapists, and teachers. The CASA then prepares reports for the court, which include the CASA’s recommendations for the best interest of the child, based on the information they gathered.

At Sarpy County CASA, we want every child who enters the foster care system to have a CASA. While our program includes over 100 volunteers, dozens of children are still waiting for a CASA.

Give a Child a Voice

Children often are scared and confused as everything they know changes in an instant...and changes again and again.

Our CASA workers have a passion for supporting kids that otherwise would have no voice. Do you share that passion? Please consider becoming a powerful friend and advocate to one of these vulnerable children.