Continuing Education Training for CASAs

Below is a list of videos you can watch to receive credit towards your continuing education requirement. Additional webinars will be added regularly.

Twelve hours of continuing education is required annually. To receive continuing education credit, you must also complete a brief survey.

If you have difficulty accessing the webinar or have questions, please contact Tara DeBartolo at 402-593-1595 or send her an email.

ReMoved (Part 1)

ReMoved (Part 2)

ReMoved (Part 3)

Compassion Fatigue (Part 1)

Compassion Fatigue (Part 2)

Compassion Fatigue (Part 3)

What Happened to the Girl Next Door

Children of the Sex Trade

The Unloved

Transgender Kids (LGBT: Real Stories)

Understanding the Unified Family Court

2018 Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

Conversations About Confinement (Part 1)

Conversations About Confinement (Part 2)