Foster Child Needing Sarpy CASA

How to Support Someone with Depression


Depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States between the ages of 15 and 44. Yet, there is still stigma around the condition. Many believe that you can “just snap out of it” or that depression is simply a bad day or two. In addition, using the word casually can minimize the

Through the Eyes of the Child: Exploring Protective Factors & Supporting Resiliency


Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable insight from a unique perspective – that of a child.  This webinar will provide a view, from a child's perspective, of the challenges, vulnerabilities, but most importantly, the resilience inherent within young children. Young children, especially those who've experienced maltreatment and the complexities of foster care, navigate their

Child Abuse and Neglect 101

Project Harmony Webinar

This course prepares mandatory reporters with the knowledge and skills to recognize and report child abuse and neglect along with an overview of the different types of abuse and their prevalence in Nebraska.  In this training, participants will discuss challenges associated with reporting abuse and neglect, practice asking minimal facts questions, and receive resources that